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Can’t add your Facebook Page as your Employer? Published August 10, 2015 | By Tracy Raiteri I often come across this problem when trying to setup clients so that their place of employment links to their Facebook Page, but for some reason Facebook doesn’t include their new page in the dropdown.

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Yes, Employers Will Check Your Facebook Before Offering You a Job 03/04/2013 08:42 am ET Updated May 04, 2013 The other day, I went over to my boss’ desk to find her and my other boss hunkered over the computer, scrolling through some young woman’s Facebook profile.

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Are you aware of all the ways your employer may be watching what you do? | Source: Thinkstock. Using company resources to update your Facebook. If a company thinks that you’re searching.

It’s OK to have mixed feelings about Facebook. On one hand, it keeps you connected with friends, family and local events. On the other hand, a series of privacy scandals, including this week’s.

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The only problem is, when you add your employer, Facebook automatically creates a Community Page if it can’t find an Official Page (which most of call a Fan Page or Business Page). So, you have to teach Facebook how to find – and link to – your Official Facebook Business Page.

An employer that discovers this type of information on social media may not act on it. What Can You Do? If you are about to embark on a job search, consider whether you might need to clean up your online act. Of course, with cached sites and historical searches, you really can’t entirely undo your past posts.

Workplace Searches: Dos and Don’ts Here are some tips on how to conduct a search without violating your workers’ privacy rights. It happens to even the best employers: a sudden rash of thefts, a worker threatening violence, or some other possible misconduct or illegal activity in your workplace.