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Agreeing to the terms of an offer to enter into a contract, thereby creating a binding contract. 2. Taking delivery of a deed from the grantor. Accession The acquisition of title to additional property by its annexation to real estate already owned.

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The CoStar Five Star Building Rating System is the industry’s first nationally consistent building quality rating system that can be applied across all commercial real estate property types and.

A traditional, real estate financing mechanism that is not backed by any government or other agency (FHA, VA, etc.). CONVERTIBLE ARM A mortgage that begins with an adjustable rate, that allows the borrower to convert the loan to a fixed rate within a specific time frame.

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Commercial real estate Any multifamily residential, office, industrial, or retail property that can be bought or sold in a real estate market. common area For lease purposes, the areas of a building (and its site) that are available for the non-exclusive use of all its tenants, such as lobbies, corridors, and parking lots. (Real Estate – The Investing Education Site. Includes the most comprehensive investing dictionary on the web as well as articles and tutorials on nearly any aspect of the market.

The Glossary of Real Estate Industry Terms is a publication of the National Association of Hispanic real estate professionals. In a recent NAHREP survey, top producing Latino agents and loan officers indicated that 40 percent of their transactions make use of Spanish at some point in the transaction and as much as 25 percent of all transactions utilize Spanish exclusively as the means of communication.

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Markets in which mortgages or mortgage-backed securities are bought and sold. ‘Whole Loan’ Markets Versus Securities Markets: Secondary mortgage markets are of two general types. ‘Whole loan’ markets involve the sale of mortgages themselves, sometimes on a loan-by-loan basis but more often in blocks.

The U.S. real estate industry reeled as the. Restrictions on the mortgage break “would eliminate one of the benefits of ownership for many would-be homebuyers,” Drew Reading, an analyst with.

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Thus, the yield strategy for this Real Estate group was graded 30% accurate by broker analysts. and margins of cash to cover dividends by this screen as of August 6. The industry representation.